what could be MORE BEAUTIFUL . . . . than an elegantly appointed “head table”?

Why a head table?

More and more brides and grooms are opting for head tables at their weddings these days. There are many reasons head tables are a perfect addition to a wedding reception!

Head tables provide the perfect seating option for the bride and groom so that they can enjoy the festivities during their reception while sitting together with close friends!

In the past, proper etiquette for head table seating was strictly enforced and included the bride, groom and only the specific guests who were members of the wedding party.  Now, we encourage our brides and grooms to seat their wedding party together with each’s significant other so that no couples are separated and everyone has a great time! Then family members from the wedding party can be seated elsewhere along with their close relatives and/or friends.

A head table adds a dramatic element to the wedding decor, especially if designed with stunning, large scale accessories such as candelabras, grand candlesticks and over-sized floral.

Large scale floral along with romantic draping and custom chaircovers add beauty and elegance

Customized placecards and menus for assigned seating


Its design elements should compliment the decor and color scheme of the reception, presenting a grander and more dramatic version than those on the other reception tables. Additionally, special touches including chairs, covered with elegant fabric, and exquisitely draped chiffon tie-backs surrounding the table and setting it off from the rest of the room, help make the head table the focal point of the room!

Shapes and sizes of head tables vary and are designed to accommodate each specific guest count.  In order to have room for stunning floral  displays and oversized accessories,  the table should be wide enough to allow plenty of room in the center for centerpieces along the table’s length.  There should be sufficient space, too, for the individual place settings including decorative charger plates.

It’s nice to assign specific seating at the head table so that calligraphied place cards or menus, customized with each guest’s name, are positioned along the table (in a pre-planned order) so that guests can find their reserved seats easily.