Welcome to “Aziz’s Toyland”

Aziz’s Toyland was brought to life in a 1920s-esque carnival environment complete with an array of vintage entertainers for a unique and colorful first birthday extravaganza.

Guests got a sneak peak of what was to come when custom-made toy box invitations created by Lehr & Black were hand delivered to their homes.


Upon entry into the retro circus setting, guests were greeted and escorted into Aziz’s birthday party by a mime, a pair of toy soldiers, as well as an organ grinder and monkey duo. The first stop: the decoratively draped foyer, complete with a grassy knoll surrounded by trees, flowers, an exquisite hot air balloon, and a custom-made wooden boardwalk, was the perfect site for guests to be photographed with an old fashioned free-standing camera … all the while, playful tunes of the past hummed in the background.

At the end of the boardwalk, guests suddenly found themselves entering into the magical carnival grounds as they wove through a mini maze of oversized toy blocks, funhouse mirrors, and fanciful stuffed animals.

Beyond the maze, guests were awed by a vision of a fantasy Toyland – featuring a merry-go-round, vintage marquees and game booths, balloon bouquets, a pedal car track, and so much more!

The aromas of freshly popped popcorn and sweet cotton candy delights filled the air … guests indulged in sweets of all kinds and fresh lemonade, as well as the amazing custom birthday cake!

Aziz’s party was a challenge to create but the final result made a memorable impact upon all who attended, and especially on the birthday boy and his family!