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April 9th, 2014  |  Published in Our Blog

CONCERT ON THE GREAT LAWN, a Woodstock themed event and birthday celebration, was held outdoor at a lush estate in Southern California.

Guests dressed in 1970′s-chic attire, were handed multicolored love beads when they arrived. Ethnic ponchos were available to guests during the evening as the sun went down.









A colorful hand painted backdrop with symbolism from the “flower child” generation complete with hippie props, became the perfect setting for a photo-op.

A comfy lounge area on the great lawn surrounding the dancefloor, provided seating for the guests. The throw pillows, which accented the sofas and chairs, displayed colorful symbols of the 1970′s decade.









The round, wooden dance floor was hand painted to mimic the peace symbol and became the centerpiece for the entire event.

An amazing variety of entertainers performed throughout the evening. A hippie stilt walker, celebrity magician, henna tattoo artist and aura reader, to mention a few, were the opening acts before the big concert.











Our amazing headliner, Roger Daltrey of “The Who,” performed an incredible live concert on the magnificent custom-built stage.

 A hand-picked array of 1970′s visuals illuminated the rear of the stage and became visible as the sun set. The graphics danced to the music and created an amazing and unique ambiance.

 A host of well-known restaurants and caterers served their specialty foods, buffet style. Each was housed within a rustic free-standing structure accented with woodsy signage.







Specialty drinks and appetizers were always available at the wooden hand- crafted bars. Food and bar menus were designed to promote the PEACE & LOVE theme.











Theme-oriented desserts were served. 














The custom designed PEACE & LOVE cake was presented to the guest of honor, which was the perfect way to close out an unforgettable evening.

All guests who attended enjoyed reliving the good old days of the 70′s with













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